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Video Hearings Rolling Out at Social Security

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still no telling when we will return to in-person Social Security hearings. Social Security is beginning to offer claimants the option to have a hearing via video. Until now, all hearings have been held telephonically.

A video hearing can be beneficial because it allows a judge to see the claimant and get to know them a bit better than just hearing them over the telephone. It is also helpful if your disability has a physical component that may not be evident from a telephone hearing (for example, someone who has had surgery on their cervical spine might need to wear a neck brace or have other support for their head. The judge would not necessarily know this unless they could see you).

Before scheduling your hearing, Social Security will send you a letter asking if you would like a phone hearing, a video hearing, either, or wait for an in person hearing. The decision is totally up to you, but the Law Office of Sarah Crosby can help advise what is best for your situation. Participating in a video hearing requires a computer or phone, a stable internet connection, and using Microsoft Teams.

If you have a hearing coming up or need more information about your disability claim, contact the Law Office of Sarah Crosby for a free consultation at 317-760-9293.

For more information on Social Security's video hearings, visit Social Security's website.

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